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  • Mexico heatwave: Several howler monkeys drop dead, authorities investigate 21 May 2024
  • Pakistan: Opposition alliance approaches court to seek permission for rally 21 May 2024
    Pakistan oposition alliance seeks permission for a public gathering in Islamabad to campaign for the 'restoration' of the constitution. The movement involves various political figures and includes plans for power shows in Karachi and Faisalabad. PTI requested the court to order the authorities to refrain from using force against anyone attending the public meeting.
  • US, Philippines to train Filipinos in nuclear power 21 May 2024
    The Philippines and the United States agreed to train Filipinos in building and operating nuclear power plants under a deal between Manila and Washington. Daniel Kritenbrink and the Philippine Department of Energy will offer scholarships and exchange programs. Philippine Energy Secretary Raphael Lotilla emphasized the importance of 'advanced training' for the country's human resources.
  • World leaders to adopt new AI agreement at Seoul Summit 21 May 2024
    World leaders, including South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, will gather virtually at the AI Seoul Summit to adopt a new agreement on artificial intelligence and discuss its potential risks and benefits along with industry leaders like Meta, OpenAI, Google, Facebook, and Amazon, who recently joined the Frontier Model […]
  • Singapore boosts security after Malaysia police station attack 21 May 2024
    Singapore has tightened security after an attack on a police station in neighboring Malaysia by a man with suspected ties to an Al-Qaeda-linked group, Prime Minister Lawrence Wong said Tuesday. "Such an attack, just across our borders, is a grim reminder that the threat of terrorism remains high," said Wong, Singapore's newly elected prime minister.
  • Paris vies for Europe's AI crown as key conference beckons 21 May 2024
    France hosts tech leaders at Viva Technology as it looks to assert Paris' role as an AI hub. LVMH's Arnault showcases luxury brands. Macron attracts investments for generative AI startups leveraging Paris' luxury status. Amazon and Microsoft invest in France's tech scene amid efforts to integrate capital markets and attract tech investment.
  • Tuesday's primaries include presidential races and the prosecutor in Trump's Georgia election case 21 May 2024
    Joe Biden and Donald Trump near the end of the presidential primaries, facing dissent as symbolic decisions in Kentucky and Oregon approach. Impacting national conventions, delegates, and revealing sentiments of the Democratic and Republican bases. Various state primaries and key races unfold across multiple states, including Georgia, California, and Oregon, with significant contests at the […]
  • Solomon Islands tells Australia it remains partner of choice 21 May 2024
    Newly elected Prime Minister Manele of Solomon Islands seeks expanded cooperation with Australia, addressing China's impact in the region.
  • China's yuan hits weakest level in 3 weeks after fix set at 3-month low 21 May 2024
    China's yuan weakened against the US dollar as the central bank set a weaker guidance rate to combat capital outflows. Yuan slipped to a three-week low against the US dollar on tuesday. Maybank analysts linked the yuan's decline to worsening capital outflows and concerns over the housing rescue plan funding.
  • Britain slammed in inquiry for infecting thousands with tainted blood and covering up the scandal 21 May 2024
    An inquiry exposed British authorities for exposing patients to deadly infections through contaminated blood, leading to deaths and lifelong illnesses. Former judge Brian Langstaff criticized the National Health Service and highlighted the impact of HIV infections. The report also mentioned the use of plasma from high-risk donors and the transmission of hepatitis C through blood […]
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