Exciting theatre awaits at KKNK’s Lucky Pakkie

An unexpected blend of alternative theatre and talent, in top secret performances of 15 minutes each, await festivalgoers at this year’s Lucky Pakkie at the 28th KKNK, sponsored by Absa, from 23 to 31 March in Oudtshoorn.

“Lucky Pakkie theatre has something for everyone’s taste. It works exactly like the lucky packets that you grew up with – the content is top secret. We searched far and wide to compile a programme of 12 Lucky Pakkie performances, with elements of drama, comedy, cabaret, singing, mime, and other surprises”, says Llandi Beeslaar, curator of Lucky Pakkie.

According to Beeslaar three different Lucky Pakkies are presented. Melkbaard is not necessarily children’s theatre but is presented with family friendly content (daily at 11:00), while parental guidance is recommended for Sagtebaard (daily at 14:00) and Hardebaard has an age restriction of 16 (daily at 17:00).

“For those times when you sit in Oudtshoorn at the KKNK and can’t help but feel there is an itch that has not yet been properly scratched. You have an hour to kill, and you are in the mood for something out of the ordinary, with a bit of flavour, but do not necessarily want to commit to a performance in a theatre. Lucky Pakkie is the perfect cure for that ailment”, Beeslaar says.

Every Lucky Pakkie consists of four, diverse performances of 15 minutes each. “If you like the show, perfect! If you do not like the show, it is still shorter than cooking a schnitzel in the air fryer.

“The point is that you do not know what is in each Lucky Pakkie. Our brief to the artists was simple: ‘Compile a performance of 15 minutes where you showcase what a performance could look like when it does not attempt to be formal, traditional theatre.’ Every Lucky Pakkie performance is something that you will definitely not find elsewhere on the programme at the KKNK.

“So, choose your vibe and trust us with the rest”, Beeslaar concludes.

Lucky Pakkie’s concentrated cultural inspiration (administer daily for nine days) is presented in Baron van Reede Street in front of Spur. Tickets are available at Webtickets but can also be bought before every Lucky Pakkie at the tent.

KKNK 2024 is sponsored by Absa, Checkers, Het Jan Marais Nationale Fonds, NATi, Netwerk24, kykNET, ATKV, Oudtshoorn Municipality and the Western Cape Government.

The complete festival programme is available online at www.kknk.co.za and tickets are available at Webtickets. For more information, keep an eye on the KKNK’s social media platforms, visit the website or contact 044 203 8600, send an email to info@kknk.co.za or a WhatsApp to 065 285 2337.

Llandi Beeslaar is the curator of Lucky Pakke theatre at the KKNK, a series of alternative theatre and talent in top secret performances of 15 minutes each.

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