The beauty of connecting through sharing food: Groet is ’n Moet Community Kuier

The quaint Karoo village of Prince Albert is world-renowned for its olives, wine, rich history, the Swartberg Pass, restaurants, artists and beautiful architecture.

But there’s a deeper secret to it that only its residents will truly understand: The town’s unique and intimate sense of community.

From fundraisers, park runs, free workshops and charity organisations, the town is constantly aiming to improve the life quality of its residents, and places great emphasis on celebrating the town’s history and cultural heritage not only through monuments and museums, but also as a socially united society.

The second annual community get-together Groet is ’n Moet will be taking place as an informal, Karoo-style gathering on Saturday, 27 April from 18:00 at the Family Park in Rondomskrik, riding on the success of last year’s event. The intent of the event is to celebrate community by emphasising the connection that is established when people share a meal together.

“The name of the event comes from a conversation I had with now-deceased local artist Outa Lappies in the main road of Prince Albert about 18 years ago,” organiser Ingrid Wolfaardt says. “After him asking me the question, “Is groet ’n moet?” (is meeting and greeting a must?), we both finally agreed that greeting was a way of respecting and affirming one another’s humanity. 

The idea is that 300 locals come together to eat simple, delicious, authentic Karoo food under the starry skies for an unforgettable evening of socialising.

“As a first-time performance, the local school choirs and the acapella group Unity Male Choir will take to the stage together. Rieldancers and storytellers will also contribute to the evening’s entertainment factory,” says Wolfaardt.

“People are encouraged to dress in a vrolike way, in the spirit of Outa Lappies’ own words that set the tone for this cheerful feast.

“The point of the evening is to be a joyful, relaxed kuier for local Prince Alberters, and for them to walk away at the end of the evening with fond memories and hopefully meeting and talking to other locals that they otherwise might not have had the opportunity to. As such, for anyone who is interested in the real heart and soul of our village, and also what makes a South African dorpie an enigma, this evening will be an unforgettable, beautiful experience.”

Please note that tickets for the event must be booked beforehand via Prince Albert’s Tourism Office.

For more information about activities and events in and around the village and to book accommodation for Groet is ’n Moet, visit Prince Albert Tourism’s website at Plus, check out Facebook (@PrinceAlbert.WesternCape), Twitter (@prince_albert_tourism) and Instagram (@PrinceAlbertZA).

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