Hessequa Harmonie | 15 – 19 September in Heidelberg

Arts Festival, Hessequa Harmonie (Heidelberg), to take place despite COVID19.

Hessequa Harmonie will be taking place from 15 – 19 September 2020 in the historical Heidelberg for the third time. “It is a countryside festival – with world-class productions – that offers an affordable option to residents of the Garden Route and Overberg. The need to uplift and promote a fully inclusive music, poetry, and performance culture, is what gave rise to the Hessequa Harmonie 2018,” says chief executive officer of the festival, Niël Rademan (cabaret performer and theatre-maker).

The main objective is to programme and create music productions that is intellectually stimulating but also accessible to all people. Hessequa Harmonie includes Classical Music, poetry, performance, as well as an Art Exhibition. Regardless of the Covid19 pandemic, this multi-event of intimate music productions will take place this year following all guidelines as set out by the government.

  • Audiences of only 30 – 50 people, depending on the size of the restaurant or theatre.
  • Wearing of masks at all times
  • Venues will ensure social distancing
  • Sanitisers will be provided, as well as temperature measurement and sign in at all

HIGHLIGHTS of the festival

RACHMANINOFF Piano Concerto ii in c minor.
with concert pianist Nina Schumann and Elna van der Merwe accompanying her on
a second piano.

WALS MET WENE, a Viennese concert with Liesl Stolz (flute), Petrus de Beer (violin), Elna van
die Merwe (piano), Janel Speelman (soprano) and baritones, Corneil Muller and Niël Rademan.

BROADWAY BREKFIS, with Gauteng Opera couple Linette van der Merwe (mezzo soprano) and
Chris Mostert (tenor).

A Cabaret, POSKAARTE NA PARYS with alto Jacobi de Villiers.
A stage version of Marita van der Vyver’s novel “DIE DINGE VAN ‘n KIND” with TVstar
Cintaine Schutte.

A brand new theatre text by Riana Scheepers, “BIENTANG, die laaste strandlopervrou in
die Suid-Kaap”. with star actress June van Merch.

Two book breakfasts (BOEKE BREKFIS & BOEKE EN KOEKE) , with Elsabe Daneel, Wilken Calitz,
Theo Kemp en Riana Scheepers.

Electronic via https://www.cnandcoevents.com

Or at Die Rooi Pot / Delish in Heidelberg

Attached you will find the full PDF programme as well as a few selected photographs.

For more information feel free to contact Marie Vogts at 071 965 2870 / info@marievogts.com

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