GRDM Municipal Health donates items to needy households in celebration of Mandela Day!

GRDM Municipal Health officials based in Riversdale recently reached out to a local Child and Family Welfare office to determine the current needs within the communities of the Riversdale area.

During their visit, three different households were identified who are in dire need of clothing and essentials for infants/toddlers. It also became evident that members of these households also assist the Child and Family Welfare on a regular basis by volunteering at “Places of Safety” when children are removed from their parents’ care.

On 18 July 2019, the team went back to the Child and Family Welfare office to meet the members of the households with a surprise donation.

The Municipal Health team hereby extends a word of gratitude to all who contributed towards making this a special day, in particular, the owners of Riversdale Super Spar and JC Slagtery. “May GOD bless you for your generosity.”

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