Local rescue two Scottish tourists

Arrie Combrinck, NSRI Stilbaai station commander, said: This morning, Sunday, 17th February, NSRI Station 31 Stilbaai duty crew were activated following reports of a drowning in progress at Lappiesbaai.

While preparing to launch our sea rescue craft NSRI were notified that a male, believed to be a teenager, and a local adult male and a surfer, believed to be a local surfer, had all assisted to rescue 2 ladies from the surfline who had both reportedly been caught in rip currents while swimming.

The wife of the man who assisted in the rescue, she is a doctor, and she confirmed that she had both of the lady casualties in her care and although both were in stable conditions they had taken one of the casualties to hospital for observation for non-fatal drowning symptoms and she is expected to make a full recovery .

The 2 casualties are from Scotland.

NSRI commend all involved for the rescue effort.

In earlier incidents, On Saturday, 16th February, NSRI Station 31 duty crew were activated following a request for assistance from a fishing trawler reporting a crewman on board complaining of severe stomach pains. 

Our sea rescue craft Colorpress Rescuer was launched at 13h10, carrying a relief crewman, and we rendezvoused with the vessel 2 nautical miles off shore of Stilbaai.  The crew change was done successfully and the patient was brought to shore where he was evaluated by our NSRI medics and taken into the care of his colleagues.

While busy with crew debriefing from that call, a short while later, another call was received from a deck ship reporting an injured crewman on board suffering from burns sustained when a lighter apparently exploded in his hand.

The vessel was making headway in the direction of Stilbaai.

Western Cape Government Health EMS dispatched rescue paramedics to accompany our NSRI medical crew to the vessel to assist with patient treatment.

Our sea rescue craft Colorpress Rescuer was launched at 17h00 accompanied by 2 EMS rescue paramedics as well as our NSRI medical crew and we met with the vessel 2 nautical miles off shore of Stilbaai.  The two EMS paramedics and one of the NSRI medical crew were transferred onto the vessel in 2.5 meter swells.

After treatment and further examination of the patient it was decided that the crewman was recovering from the immediate treatment and he can remain on board and make use of follow up treatment at a later stage.

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