Craft artists exhibit skills

The skills displayed by people who travel far and wide to exhibit their handmade artistry are again delighting visitors to the Brug Stalletjies, Stilbaai’s annual craft market.

Forbes Madade brought colourfully beaded birds, reptiles, insects, and even warthogs from Johannesburg, also weaving names of visitors to his stall into the centre of wire-framed hearts, while they wait. The work Madade displays is made at the mines, he says, to be sold at exhibitions around South Africa by groups of men.

The pride Tigere Salios takes in his handmade objects is clear at the stall the Zimbabwean national has arrayed with several small birds, crafted from serpentine stone, in front of larger birds made from recycled sheets of metal .

“This is how I survive, going from show to show,” says Salios.

Martin Nyandebvu, originally from Zimbabwe, lives in Cape Town. He makes leather handbags, moonbags, wallets and caps, priced from R100 to R450. He learnt his craft in Zimbabwe, and now travels to exhibitions around South Africa to sell his one-of-a-kind, colourful, elegant products.

“We have to fend for ourselves. We do not depend on grants from the government,” says Nyandebvu.

Clothes of every description to fit all sizes and ages are arranged in a stall Sherryl Rudman of Mint Clothing in Cape Town is exhibiting at for the fifth year.

“We always do well because we adapt our business according to the economy and to the environment. So we put extra effort into succeeding,” she says.

Miriam Nyarambi and Fanie Erasmus have the pleasure every day of delighting children with the vast selection of toys they sell. They work for Paulie Els of Johannesburg, at a mammoth stall, packed to capacity to ensure no kiddy customer leaves the market disappointed.

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