Sedgefield security officers praised

A resident from Sedgefield says she was amazed at the wonderful service she received from two armed response officers recently. She emailed the thank you note to Fidelity ADT a few days ago.

“My alarm went off early one Monday morning. Within minutes, two armed response officers were outside my front door to see if everything was ok,” explains Lyn Lapham in her email.

The officers stayed at the property to check that there were no suspects on the property, and a technician later came to test the system. It turns out a strand of her electric fence had broken because of corrosion, and this triggered the alarm.

“Later that same day, I left the house to take my dogs to the beach. I armed the security system before leaving but did not realise I had armed the defective fence as well. By the time I returned from the walk, two officers outside my property told me there had been several alarm signals they received and they wanted to make sure everything was under control. These were the same officers who visited earlier in the day and they again searched my property for me,” says Lapham.

“Keep up the good work!”

“We were delighted to receive this lovely message. I will make sure the message is placed in our officers’ files to show what great work they do for the people of Sedgefield,” says Fidelity ADT’s branch manager for the Garden Route Pieter Meiring. 

  • Pictured are the two officers in question, Khayalethu Bokwe and Bandile Smith
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