Slow Food Workshop Lunch No 5

Zucchini Restaurant, Timberlake

N2 halfway btw Wilderness and Sedgefield on the Garden Route 

On the 20th September 2011 12.00am to 15.00pm 

Flavours of South Africa

Come early and tour the venue, you will be surprised at those hidden gems tucked away in the village. 

Colin Capon’s Presentation will be a talk on his experiences in partaking in the Bidvest World Chefs tour for Hunger. 


Slow Beer by Mike Morris

Rob from Eats restaurant,

Cooks up an Ostrich tail casserole.

Discuss Rugby World Cup, plans for the future, Next meeting, and venue

All Beverages are available to purchase. 

If you or your guests will be submitting a culinary delight for up to 10 portions you will not be charged for the day’s fee. All other attendees will be charged R50 for this event.

Please down load the recipe proforma and return it back to me no later than the weekend of the 17h September 2011 this will then enable me to coordinate the dishes for tasting.

Alternatively send me an e-mail and I will forward the relevant details onto you.

Rsvp no later than the 18th Sept 2011.

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