Plett Airport on the way up

Exciting developments await the Plettenberg Bay Airport in a long-awaited move: the tender for the development of Plettenberg Bay Airport has been awarded, with rsa.AERO, the company also overseeing operations at the Cape Winelands airport, securing the contract.

The announcement, made by Bitou Municipality on Friday 16 February 2024, marks the culmination of an extensive evaluation process and the completion of the legally mandated appeals period. Nick Ferguson, Managing Director of rsa.AERO, expressed gratitude for the municipality’s confidence in their expertise.

“Our team comprises professionals dedicated to aviation and contributing meaningfully to society,” Ferguson affirmed. “We are committed to delivering safe and reliable services at Plettenberg Bay Airport, making it a source of pride for all citizens.”

A statement from the municipality said: “This strategic partnership is poised to bring about transformative changes and propel our tourism sector to new heights. This deal will see the Plettenberg Bay airport fully revamped and upgraded with new hangars, a modern terminal building and the resurfacing of the runway, in the near future.”

Mbulelo Memani, Bitou Municipal Manager, emphasized the benefits of the tender conclusion for Plettenberg Bay, a premier tourist destination in the region. “Tourism plays a key role in the socio-economic prosperity of Bitou and the region.”

Memani said the municipality was not an expert in the running of airports and handing over to experts will ensure that Bitou has a safe and efficient air access.

“In the bidding document, there are actionable promises that can see more flight options for Bitou. Bitou Municipality will provide an enabling environment for more businesses who are likely to take advantage of this new venture,” Memani added.

Patty Butterworth, CEO of Plett Tourism, emphasized the critical role of tourism in driving socio-economic prosperity, both locally and nationally. “The Plettenberg Bay Airport is a vital marketing tool for our tourism industry,” Butterworth emphasized. “Direct access to domestic and international travelers is integral to our marketing efforts, and we eagerly anticipate the economic benefits and job creation it will bring to Bitou.”

Managing Director for rsa.AERO, Nick Ferguson, Lead Governance & Assurance for rsa.AERO, Tanya Jeffrey, Bitou Municipal Manager, Mbulelo Memani, and Bitou Head of Legal, Alan Croutz.  Photo: Bitou Municipality

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