Wild – Leopard spotted at Whiskey Creek in Keurbooms Nature Reserve

Apparently, even wild leopards prefer a spot on the beach in Plett! A family of paddlers was fortunate to encounter a leopard at Whiskey Creek in the Keurbooms River Nature Reserve.

We know that there are wild leopards roaming the Southern Cape green belt and they are occasionally sighted by a lone cyclist or captured on the motion-sensor cameras set up in the national park, this beach-loving leopard sounds like a first!

The leopard is known as the most reticent of the African Big Five and safari visitors will often spend their entire wildlife holiday in South Africa searching for signs of the elusive leopard. As autumn turns to winter in Plettenberg Bay, there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy, including paddling the Keurbooms Nature Reserve, and, for a leopard looking for a bit of riverside rest, Whiskey Creek would be absolute heaven! Watch the video of the encounter below.

A special thank you to the Ver Loren van Themaat Family for sharing this special encounter with us.


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