Boschrivier Farm among 10 SA farms certified by new, meaningful ethical food label

A Greener World (AGW) – a non-profit, international food label for animal products that have been produced with a real commitment to ethical animal welfare and sustainable livestock production – is now available in South Africa.

Ten farms have passed the strict certification process, with Boschrivier Farm outside Plettenberg Bay and Boschendal in Franschhoek the most recent additions.

A meaningful, ethical animal product food label in SA

“As more and more consumers are becoming green-conscious, A Greener World offers a meaningful and reliable certification for meat, milk and eggs,” says Tozie Zokufa, Executive Director of A Greener World (AGW). “Any product with AGW certification is guaranteed to have been produced with real sustainability credentials and conscientiousness,” he says.

Strict animal welfare requirements before farms are certified

“A Greener World is not green-washing. To earn the Animal Welfare certification, farmers must adhere to strict animal welfare standards. Animals must be raised outdoors on pasture or range, without common industrial practices such as teeth-clipping, tail-docking, dehorning or beak-trimming. Any AGW certification also guarantees that animals receive no added hormones or subtherapeutic antibiotics,” says Zokufa. “The AGW certification allows consumers to make ethical, healthier food choices and reward farmers who are adhering to responsible, sustainable farming practices,” he says.

10 local farms have achieved Animal Welfare AGW certified

With much success in Ireland, Europe, the United States, Canada and Central America, local farmers who wanted reliable, easy-to-understand labelling, invited AGW to launch in South Africa. Since then, ten farms have passed the stringent process to become AGW certified. The pigs and laying hens at Boschrivier Farm, in the Wittedrift valley outside Plettenberg Bay, are the most recent addition to the stable, having been Certified Animal Welfare Approved by A Greener World (AGW) earlier this month.

Hannes du Plessis of Boschrivier Farm says, “The welfare of our animals is our most important core policy. We believe that if animals have to be farmed, they deserve the best life possible until they are slaughtered. We share A Greener World’s values and believe that by joining associations like A Greener World, we can help educate people on ethical farming practices and make our customers aware of how important these values are to us.”

Boschendal selected as pilot farm in new regenerative certification Zokufa says, “AGW internationally is very excited about our newly launched AGW Certified Regenerative label. This will provide a whole-farm assurance of sustainability as it measures benefits to soil, water, air, biodiversity, infrastructure, animal welfare and social responsibility. We have launched an international pilot project for this certification and South Africa’s Boschendal, outside Franschhoek, has been selected as a pilot participant,” he says.

Holistic farming: from soil and water to animal welfare, no GMO, no added hormones
To achieve this certification, farmers must demonstrate grass-fed, non-GMO, humane, just, water-friendly, environmentally sustainable practices, free of added hormones, routine antibiotics and toxic chemicals.

Jason Carroll, Boschendal’s AGW-Certified farmer and pilot participant in South Africa, says, “I applied to AGW because I believe that it has one of the best protocols available. With so many people putting labels on their products, I wanted to be sure that we used a label with integrity. I wanted my customers to know that we don’t just make claims without anyone making sure that we are actually selling what we are marketing.” 

“The team at A Greener World always makes an effort to see all my animals,” says Carroll. “They actually spend time with them and make sure that the AGW protocols are in place. It’s not just filling in a piece of paper over a cup of tea. They actually inspect every detail of the operation. AGW is a label that is recognised all over the world and with the number of international guests we have on the Estate, it gives them the confidence to buy our products knowing that they were produced with the highest standards,” he says.

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