A heartfelt tribute to the staff at Plettenberg Bay Mediclinic


On the 9th of January, just before returning home after our December holiday, I had an unfortunate cycling accident near Plettenberg Bay.

I ended up having to have three operations to repair/reconstruct my right elbow.

And I spent 12 consecutive days in the Plettenberg Bay Mediclinic.

Obviously with the covid-19 precautions I was not allowed any visitors during my stay. I got to know the staff very well during this time, and what a privilege it was.

It was quite extraordinary to find so many people working in one mediclinic, all with the same wonderful characteristics:

  • Kindness.
  • Compassion.
  • Genuine concern for fellow human beings.
  • Always friendly.
    Very professional.
  • Never complaining.
  • Never any negativity.

And all this despite working in the front lines during a serious pandemic.

And I really mean ALL the staff… sisters, nurses, day staff, night staff, catering staff, cleaning staff. I got to know most of them by name. I will not mention names for fear of leaving anybody out.

I take my hat off to each one of you and I thank you for making my stay so pleasant even amidst the pain and discomfort.

Above all you really opened my eyes to what life should be about. Too often we get caught up in simply doing our daily jobs and living day to day. You all showed me once again that there should be a purpose to one’s life and I salute you for the passion that you put into your work and into caring for other human beings.

You truly are Angels sent straight from heaven and I wish God’s blessing in abundance on each of your lives.

Also a special word of thanks to the doctors involved. Dr Nel at the emergency room where I was admitted, very ably assisted by Thabiso. Dr Maré, the orthopaedic surgeon who did the three intricate operations so successfully and always inspired confidence in me and assured me all will be OK. Dr Jansen Van Vuuren the aneasthetist, always quirky and perky and eager to lift my spirits. And also nurse Tholda Grimsell in the surgical theatre, whose smiling face was the first I saw when I woke up after each of the 3 operations, and who of her own accord kept contact with my wife Lydia and always let her know how I was doing, and also came to my ward everyday from the theatre to pay me a visit and to see how I was doing.

God bless you all.

You are fantastic, wonderful, loving people who deserve the highest appreciation and accolades for your sterling, unselfish, sacrificial work and attitudes.

God bless!
Warmest regards,
André Vorster

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