Quick response catches Natures Valley suspect in the act

A local property owner has praised an armed response officer for his quick response, which led to an alleged burglary suspect being caught in the act.

“Armed response officer Siyasanga Mankomo responded to an alarm activation from an address on Forest Drive recently and quickly made his way to the property. On his arrival, he saw signs of a burglary in progress and on further investigation located an unidentified suspect in a storeroom on the back of the property,” says Pieter Meiring, Garden Route Branch Manager at Fidelity ADT.

The suspect was apprehended by officer Mankomo, while the SAPS as well as the property owner was alerted.

“Both the tenant as well as the owner of the property praised our officer for his quick response which led to the suspect being disturbed while he was in the act of committing the burglary. Seeing as nothing was stolen, they declined to press charges,” says Meiring.

“I urge residents of Natures Valley to make sure their alarm systems are working properly so that your armed response company can respond as quickly as possible in any emergency.”

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