Exorbitant water bills? Perhaps you have an undetected leak?

As a homeowner or manager water leaks can drive you crazy!  You know that water is leaking but where is the leak?  The wasted water could be costing you money and it could be damaging your property!  What can you do?

You could call Prestige Plumbing?  We will employ our Leak Detection Device and solve the problem, quick sticks.   

Choosing Prestige Plumbing means you will benefit by:

  • Modern Leak Detection Technology
  • Engaging a licensed plumbing company with over 30 years of combined experience 
  • Sorting out plumbing problems quickly, intelligently and without any hidden costs
  • Teaming up with authorised Kwikot Installers and Service Agents
  • Securing a reliable, ‘one stop shop’ for Heat Pump, Solar Systems and Geyser installations
  • Having the peace of mind that you are dealing with Registered Members of PIRB and IOPSA who can issue essential Plumbing Certificates of Compliance

When you engage with Prestige, as your ‘Water Doctor’, we become a resource that can offer farsighted and practical advice on rainwater harvesting, solar power and water quality and supply challenges.

Check out what our awesome Customers say about us and call for a Free Quote when you next need a Plumber in Plett.   


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