Rainwater harvesting

Think it isn’t easy to save for a rainy day in these times?  Consider how much money you could save if you captured the rain?

By investing in a rainwater harvesting system you could rise above the rising cost and scarcity of water. 

You could also be doing your bit for The Planet by saving water, one drop at a time. And in times of drought, you could rest assured that you will have enough of this vital resource, H2O.

2020 must be the year that environmentally conscious people start to take rainwater harvesting seriously.  Even if you only do it so you can water your parched vegetable garden, guilt-free, you will reap the rewards for years to come.

Are you a mindful person concerned about conserving water and making the most of your resources?

Call us so we can help you choose the perfect rainwater harvesting system, suited to your budget. We are the proud official installers of the renowned Jojo Tank brand in the Garden Route.

We also install and issue the necessary PIRB Certificates of Compliance for: 

  • Rainwater Disposal Systems
  • Above and Below Ground Drainage Systems
  • Hot and Cold Water Systems
  • Solar Water Heating Systems
  • Heat Pump Systems
  • Sanitary-ware and fittings

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