Lunchbox Theatre’s talented kids showcase their skills

This is a beautiful video of our After Sc​hools Activities Program delivering a fantastic show filled with fun, laughter, great messages, and amazing talent?  Watch this delightful show by clicking on The ASAP Showcase 2019.

The  Lunchbox Theatre Facilitators and Kids attending their After Schools Activities Program can be congratulated on a superb performance on 9 November 2019. 

Do you agree that society needs more ethics, moral and values?  We offer valuable advice and insights into these qualities while teaching kids skills in acting, singing and dance.  We also cater for the kdis with Special Needs with art classes. What if this all came to an end?

Please do not let this generation lose out through lack of support.  They form a very important part of the positive outcomes in our future as a country.  Donate here.

By supporting ASAP, you will help us to:

  • Keep the Program alive which means we can get Kids in the Community ‘off the Streets and onto the Stage’
  • Help the children to learn essential skills which will equip them to cope better in life
  • Contribute towards us being able to teach teenagers about the Ethics, Morals and Values needed for a healthy country
  • Encourage these positive youngsters, which will inspire them to greater effort and the commitment which will lead them towards becoming viable members of society

If you need to be convinced, this video will leave you gob smacked at what these kids are capable of, with the help of Amanda Valela and her Facilitators who love their role as uplifting adults.

Take a look at what we are doing for kids and consider making a personal or tax-deductible business contribution, which will go directly towards sustaining classes.  Thank you, from the ASAP Kids and Facilitators! 

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