Let’s Keep Plett Beautiful

A thing of beauty is a joy forever.  Those of us lucky enough to live in Plett know we live in Paradise. Our surroundings are beautiful: beach, mountain, coastal corridor, lagoon, forest and fynbos, marine and birdlife. We know why visitors come back: they also want to savour this beauty.

But there are always forces at work that want to destroy what makes this place special. Mostly they have no intention of damaging our Paradise, but they often lack the knowledge and understanding needed to mitigate the harmful impact of human settlement on our beautiful environment.

Since 1996 the Plett Environmental Forum has been working unceasingly to assure sustainable development of our unique surroundings by encouraging decision-making bodies to observe the law, to follow best practice and to exercise good governance.

We know that development is necessary, but we also know that our country is blessed with excellent environmental legislation that is, alas, not always enforced. We have set ourselves up as a watchdog to help the municipality and developers stay within the law and do the least possible harm.

Most of you would be aware that some of our members played a key role in the Save Plett Alliance that opposed the proposed Harbour Development with multi-story buildings in the Piesang River Estuary, which would have destroyed the sense of place in Plett.

What is the Forum?

The Plett Environmental Forum is a small non-profit organisation that meets monthly and focuses on issues such as:

  • Rezoning of land, since a lot of proposed land rezoning, is potentially disastrous for the environment.
  • Commenting on the town’s spatial development framework, coastal management plans, estuarine management plans, etc.
  • Investigating extensions to existing suburbs and townships and checking that legal guidelines are followed and that natural resources such as water are not exhausted.
  • Negotiating to set up nature reserves, such as the Lookout Reserve and the Little Piesang Nature Park.
  • Auditing our town’s water supplies, usage and quality, and monitoring the level of rivers and dams.
  • Monitoring the spread of invasive alien vegetation.

We work closely with the various local, regional, provincial and national authorities, and specifically with the Environmental Officer recently appointed by the municipality.

How you can help

More volunteers are always welcome but like any organisation we need funds to be able to function. Most work is performed by volunteers, except for an administrator who handles admin, communications, site investigations, etc. However, costly expertise is sometimes required, and it needs funding to enable the Forum to work on your behalf.

A simple way for you to help would be to contribute to our funds. It can be done in one of three ways:

  1. A once-off donation.
  2. A monthly contribution.

You can obtain an 18(a)m certificate from us for tax deduction purposes.  Our NPO number is 930023744.

Our bank details are:
Standard Bank
Plettenberg Bay
Account number 18 686 15 08

Inquiries can be addressed to Ash Sebastian at plettenviromentforum@gmail.com

Thank you for your interest.

Rudi Martin Basil van Rooyen

Co-Chairs: Plett Environmental Forum

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