Plettenberg Bay: Overcoming addiction in South Africa

Overcoming addiction requires determination and the nurturing, professional help found at a Oasis Counselling Centre rehab facility in South Africa. 

Jun 07, 2011 – Addiction can be overcome. With professional treatment and a commitment to recovery, it is possible to manage addiction and live a healthy and successful life. Oasis Counselling Centre offers holistic treatment for addiction to help people overcome addiction and step back into society with confidence and purpose.

Many people wonder why professional treatment, including counselling and other therapies, are necessary for the treatment of addiction. What do these treatments have to do with quitting drugs or stopping compulsive gambling, or ceasing any other addictive behaviour? If they put their minds to it, can’t addicts simply quit?  These are precisely the kind of evasions and justifications that addicts themselves employ to evade taking responsibility for their lives.

The truth is, addicts are compelled to act as they do because of severe underlying emotional problems. Overcoming addiction involves working through these problems to address the root causes of addictive behaviour.    

“With our extensive first-hand experience helping people from all walks of life to manage their addiction, we understand how to guide addicts towards understanding, acceptance and, ultimately, recovery,” says Anstice Wright, Director of Oasis Counselling Centre.
Who needs addiction treatment?

All addicts need professional treatment. Anyone who believes they can simply quit has been misinformed or is in a state of denial. Complicating the problem, people rarely acknowledge they need counselling and other forms of therapeutic help, deeming this an admission of weakness. It is essential that addicts and their families understand that addiction is a serious disorder and that working through a programme of addiction treatment requires strength, resilience and commitment.

Oasis Counselling Centre, situated in a breathtaking corner of South Africa’s Garden Route, is an ideal space for addicts to work through counselling, in a secluded and nurturing environment. Oasis emphasises a balanced, holistic approach, providing nature excursions, healthy eating and exercise and complementary therapies such as yoga to supplement the counselling regimen.  

Counselling is rigorous, but undertaken in an environment of care and respect. Counselling may take the form of individual sessions or group therapy, as appropriate for each person’s needs. Group sessions provide an environment of mutual support, which can have significant therapeutic effects.

Step into society

Addiction rehabilitation is not an evasion of responsibility. Counselling is an opportunity to develop strategies to help live a more responsible life.  Oasis Counselling Centre’s guiding philosophy is that addicts can overcome addiction and lead a healthy, balanced life, making a positive contribution to society. Indeed, the name Oasis stands for Overcome Addiction Step Into Society.  

This philosophy is underpinned by years of practical experience helping people to overcome addiction. The Oasis philosophy is as much about empowering addicts to cope with the challenges of everyday life and to equip them with the skills and emotional resources needed to flourish in society without resorting to addictive behaviours.

“We believe that successful treatment is not just about short-term care, but about guiding addicts towards reaching their long-term goals. We are proud to be part of this rewarding journey,” says Wright.

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