De Krans’ Pinotage Rosé: A wine for all palates

Rosé as a wine style remains one of the most popular currently in the wine industry, appealing to a diverse market, with no predictions of it slowing down in the near future.

Long gone are the days of “men don’t drink pink drinks” and the good news is, everyone is doing it! Rosé has steadily managed to migrate from merely being a summer holiday indulgence to an everyday choice of wine.

Equal to the boom of the variety in styles of Chenin Blanc, Rosé also offers a large and delightful range when it comes to colour, cultivar, acidity and sugar levels. It is easy to imagine feeling like a kid in a candy store when faced with the Rosé section of any grocer or liquor store – slightly overwhelmed, but childishly excited and keen to try them all.

Having moved from Cabernet Sauvignon to Tinta Barocca, De Krans Wines finally settled on Pinotage three years ago and has not looked back since. The ever-loyal Pinotage grape is not only a wonderful representation of South African wine heritage, but the grape also embraces the Rosé and elevates the style of wine to new heights when it comes to flavour profile.

The De Krans Pinotage Rosé 2020 has a delicate, light pink colour with a refreshing, crisp acidity and fruit character of red fruit flavours on the palate. De Krans Wines is situated in the warmer Klein Karoo region, therefore resulting in more intense fruit flavours.

This wine is currently the fastest growing wine in the De Krans Wine portfolio and for good reason – since changing to the Pinotage grape the wine has quietly been racking up multiple awards, which include winning  Gold at the Gold Wine Awards in 2019, Double Gold at the Rosé Rocks 2019 competition and Double Gold at the 2019 Ultra Value Challenge.

The wine retails for approximately R68 per bottle. For more information, or to order online please visit their website at and follow them on social media.  

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