Agriculture, Land Reform & Rural Development Department to host information sessions

The Department of Agriculture, Land Reform, and Rural Development calls on all the people of Haarlem and Uniondale to attend information sessions which will be held in their areas.

These information sessions seek to raise awareness, inform and educate community members, farmworkers, small scale farmers, cooperatives and other relevant stakeholders about Departmental programmes and projects.

They will also create a platform for Departmental officials to interact with rural communities, respond to questions and queries and also explain how rural communities can benefit from departmental programmes and projects.

Issues that will be addressed during the sessions include the following:

  • Land Reform (land claims inquiries, land redistribution, land tenure – ESTA), Rural Development Programmes, Youth Development Programme (NARYSEC) and Deeds registration process.

The roll-out of these information-sharing sessions is part of the government’s objective of creating informed citizenry as well as bringing government services closer to the people.

Details of the sessions are as follows:

Day 1 – Uniondale (Ward 25)

  • Venue – Uniondale Town Hall
  • Date – 21 August 2019
  • Time – 11h00 – 13h30

Day 2 – Haarlem (Ward 24)

  • Venue – Haarlem Town Hall
  • Date – 22 August 2019
  • Time – 11h00 – 13h30
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