ANC won’t be able to cling to power in Oudtshoorn for too much longer

Theuns Botha
Theuns Botha

DA W Cape DL says court judgment opens way for holding of council meeting and submission of a motion of no confidence

Oudtshoorn: ANC loses battle to delay DA take-over

The DA welcomes the judgement in the Western Cape High Court yesterday that clears the way for the DA in Oudtshoorn to hold a council meeting and submit a motion of no confidence in the Mayor, Deputy-mayor and the Speaker.

For too long the ANC in Oudtshoorn undermined democratic outcomes and the rule of law by applying delaying tactics to prevent the DA from legally and democratically taking over the Council. Previously the ANC refused to consider these motions despite a court order compelling them to do so.

This morning the DA sent a request to the Speaker to convene a Council meeting for Friday 22 November. At this meeting the DA (who has majority representation on the Council) will bring a vote of no confidence against the Mayor, Deputy-mayor and the Speaker and take over the Council. We will then elect a DA mayor to run Oudtshoorn at which point we will finally be able to start delivering to the people of Oudtshoorn.

The people of Oudtshoorn have suffered poor service delivery, bad management and corruption for too long; and have had to deal with a dysfunctional Council due to the ANC’s obstructionist approach after it lost the majority in council. The DA is determined to address the challenges we are facing in Oudtshoorn. The residents of the town deserve clean, efficient government that puts them first.

Statement issued by Theuns Botha, DA Deputy Leader in the Western Cape, November 13 2013

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