Rescued from the jaws of a crocodile

An urgent rescue mission was performed at the Cango Wildlife Ranch on Sunday, 14 August. 

About to become an afternoon snack.

Each year we are blessed to have the Egyptian Geese choose our ranch to build their nests and make it home to their newborns. This year in particular, they chose an 18m-deceased Bluegum tree in the middle of the ranch.

Ranger Eugene to the rescue!

After being incubated by mom and dad for some time, these beautiful little goslings fought their way out of their shells to see the big world that awaited them. Just a day later, they followed mom to make the great trek to water. In their case…it included an 18m jump first. The goslings made the jump…all of which survived! Unfortunately…it landed them into the heart of our Jumping Jaws Crocodile enclosure! Eugene Ellis, our maintenance manager, rushed to their rescue. He managed to collect all 7 of the babies and released them onto ‘LemurIsland’…where they were joined by their mom shortly after.

A close call in ‘duck-ing danger’!

Safe under the watchful eyes of Mom and Dad

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