Handbag thief nabbed during lockdown

Residents of Mossel Bay are reminded that local armed response companies are still on duty and responding to emergencies during lockdown.

This comes after an arrest recently, when a suspect allegedly tried to mug a woman walking along Ryk Tulbagh Street.

“We received a panic alarm signal from one of our customers (on Thursday 23 April) and dispatched armed response officer Zithobile Klaas (pictured above). On his arrival, our customer told him that a woman had just been robbed of her handbag outside the property. A description of the suspect helped officer Klaas to quickly track him down and hand him over into the custody of the SAPS,” says Pieter Meiring, Garden Route branch manager for Fidelity ADT.

“Armed response companies such as ourselves have been designated as ‘essential services’ which means we are still operational and responding to panic alarms and other emergencies. Our officers have been issued with the protective equipment they need as well as hand sanitizers, and they have been trained on all COVID-19 related safety measures they should follow such as social distancing,” explains Meiring.

He urges Mossel Bay residents to remain vigilant at all times and to contact their armed response companies or the SAPS if they see anything suspicious in their suburbs.

“If we stand together and look out for one another, we can remain safe – even during lockdown.”

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