Diamond Gala evening for Mossel Bay Business Chamber

The Mossel Bay Business Chamber celebrated 10 years of excellence service to the community with a gala event at the Diaz Hotel and Resort on Friday.

Finalists in the Large Business section, were: Albertinia Meubelvervoer (Vanie Oosthuizen), Afro Shipping (Shirley Schmidt), Rauch Gertenbach (Danie Acker), Pinnacle Point, Jakkalsvlei Wine Estate (Jantjie Jonker) and Seesig Motors (Gielie Slabbert). (Photo: Denise Lloyd)

The top businesses in town were honoured for their service excellence and Nicole Weimar, Nedbank’s senior economist since 2000 was the guest speaker. 

The finalists in the Medium Business category were: Tyre Mart (Andre van der Westhuizen – winner), PSG Mossel Bay (Johann Swanepoel) and Blitsdruk Mossel Bay

She painted a bleak picture of how the existing government cannot grow the South African economy due to the enormous debt trap that they have got us in.

Nicola says we all realise that the country’s economy is in dire straits and that just short of a miracle is needed to help us regain our stand as an economic force in Africa, but not all is lost.

According to her President Cyril Ramaphosa understands the country’s predicament and he realizes that job creation is one of the major keys to the growth of the economy. What drives growth? Two factors supply and demand. Without demand the economy cannot grow and without spending there is nothing to plough back into the supply side. The state owned enterprises have imploded and fixed investments have grossly collapsed. The public sector wage bill has exploded and there are not enough taxpayers in the country to foot the bill. The government has gone overboard by borrowing money that they cannot pay back and we are caught in a debt trap which is just short of 60% of our GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

One factor that can play a key role in the recovery of the economy is the rand. Up till now, the rand has been totally unforecastable, but what drives the rand? Global factors such as the investors’ view of emerging markets as well as their risk appetite. “If Moodies downgrade SA to junk status, the rand will weaken at first and then normalise and we will most probably be kicked out of the international desk, but that is not all bad news. As part of the Frontier Index (emerging markets), we look like angels and the funds for investments will be available. We will pay higher interest rates, but the risk factor will be cut if the rand stabilises,” she added.

The 2019 Business of the Year (in the small, medium and large categories) as well as the Business Person of the Year were announced. The finalists In the small business category were: Cornerstone Adventures, Freaking Fast Waverider, Coffee@Work (runner up), Ello Legal and Joan’s Florist (winner).

In the medium category the finalists were: Blitsdruk Mossel Bay, PSG Mossel Bay (runner up) and TyreMart (winner).

The finalists in the large business category were: Seesig Motors, Jakkalsvlei Wine Estate, Pinnacle Point Estate, Rauch Gertenbach, Afrishore Shipping (winner) and Albertinia Meubelvervoer (runner up).

The owner of Albertinia Meubelvervoer (Vanie Oosthuizen) was announced the Business Person for 2019. The runner up was Lorette Grobbelaar (Oliver Tyres and TyreMart) with Kim Jordaan (Co-Mind), Jantjie Jonker (Jakkalsvlei) and Ronel Labuschagne (LatteRoll Coffee Shop) as finalists.

(Denise Lloyd)

CAPTION (WINNERS): The winners in the different categories are: (in front) Shirley Schmidt (Afro Shipping – Large Business) and Vanie Oosthuizen (Albertinia Meubelvervoer – Business Person of the Year). Back: Paul Kruger (chairman Mossel Bay Business Chamber), Herman Meyer (main sponsor Nedbank), Andre van der Westhuizen and Lorette Grobbelaar (TyreMart winners Medium Business) and Suna van Greunen and Dudley Woolridge (Joan’s Florist – winners Small Business).  (Photo: Denise Lloyd)

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