co-Mind Hits Mossel Bay

Located in the heart of Mossel Bay, the co-Mind workspace is attractively decorated with contemporary furniture, flooring, lighting and modern art.

Collaboration room

We also provide professional services such as open-plan offices, a private boardroom, high-speed and secure Wi-Fi connections, VPNs, along with printing and copying facilities.

The bright sparks

Our vision is to provide a professional collaborative office space for our clients where vision and business can merge.

The glass box

co-Mind catalyzes and supports creative leaders, trendsetters, freelancers and entrepreneurs locally and across the country.

We want to create community workspaces, accelerate serendipity, and facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration.

We aim to provide our community members with an open working environment and opportunities to share knowledge face-to-face; to be inspired by collaboration with other members ─ all within a secure, furnished office space that provides fast internet, printing facilities, and all the benefits of a traditional office but without the high overheads.

Prince Vintcent Building,
Shop 15,
Church Road,
Mossel Bay

044 690 3053
074 668 8481


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