A Decade of Celebration –Mossel Bay RFL

One person can make a difference!

In 1985, one man decided he had to do something to stop the endless pain, suffering, and loss due to cancer. He decided to raise funds for his local American Cancer Society, by doing something he enjoyed – running marathons. He spent an incredible 24 hours running around a track. This was a grueling feat, but representative of what someone fighting cancer endures. He asked for the support of people he knew and raised $27 000 USD.

A pair of purple boxing gloves to give cancer a knockout! (PHOTO: Denise Lloyd)

While he circled the track, he thought about how others could take part. He envisaged a 24-hour team relay event that would raise money for the fight against cancer. Dr. Gordy Klatt’s determination was contagious and the following year he tapped into networks of friends, family, and associates to raise funds. Relay For Life (RFL) was born. No longer a one-man show, RFL events now involve entire communities with a mutual goal to eradicate cancer.

And that is where YOU can come in. Ten years ago in 2009 one man, Freddie Faul moved to Mossel Bay from Oudtshoorn and he decided to start a RFL in town. He got a group of people together and they held the first Mossel Bay RFL in 2009.

During the past 10 years, millions of rand have been collected and generated in Mossel Bay through a group of volunteers.

On 3 and 4 November, Freddie and his band of volunteers will wow the community with a Decade of Celebrations at the ATKV amphitheatre in Hartenbos. Nearly 30 teams will take to the field and do their thing for 12 hours.

A packed programme of entertainment by local artists have been organized and the public is invited to join in the fun. A R20 donation at the gate will give you access to the entertainment and being part of this very special event. The programme kicks off at 16:00 and the official RFL will start at 18:00.

There is still room for late entries. If you have not entered a team yet, call Margaret Bhana on 084 508 2802 to find out how you can get involved.

Today, RFL is celebrated in more than 20 countries worldwide. The lives saved from cancer; those battling cancer and those that have lost their fight against cancer are celebrated. Anyone can purchase a luminaria bags for R10, decorate it and commemorate someone special. Bags available at the amphitheatre.

Relay For Life is the largest cancer engagement and fundraising activity in the world and Cansa invites you to make a difference in your community by joining your local RFL.

CAPTION: A Decade of Celebration – that is the theme for this year’s Relay For Life that will take place at the ATKV amphitheatre on Saturday and Sunday 3 and 4 November. Here two of the committee members Renè Malan (entertainment) and Freddie Faul (chairman) find some headgear to enhance the celebrations. They are also equipped with purple boxing gloves to give cancer a knockout!  (PHOTO: Denise Lloyd)

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