Jakkalsvlei adds another hand-crafted beer to their line-up

Jakkalsvlei Private Cellar is growing their pack; just in time for summer! On 5 December the farm will be introducing a second beer to their offering, aptly called the Wolf ale.

Jakkalsvlei’s Jackal lager and Wolf ale
Jackal lager and Wolf ale

According to Jantjie Jonker, owner of Jakkalsvlei, adding the Wolf ale was a logical next step, “We launched our first beer, the Jackal lager, in November 2015, and the feedback from our clients has been extraordinary. We live in one of the most beautiful parts of South Africa and we love to see our guests make use of our MTB and hiking trails. And what is better than an ice-cold beer after spending a morning in the saddle?” With the recent addition of shower facilities to the farm, MTB riders can now easily pedal out to the Jakkalsvlei tasting room, freshen up, and still spend the rest of the day with family and friends, enjoying the best that the Garden Route has to offer.

Where a lager has a smooth and refreshing taste, an ale is usually more robust with a bitter taste. During the brewing process, ale ferments at the top while lager ferments at the bottom which causes the taste difference. The Wolf is a pale golden ale with a moderately large white to off-white head with good retention. It displays a moderate to strong hop aroma from late kettle additions of specific hop varieties with a citrusy hop presence. The balance is typically towards the late hops and bitterness, but the malt presence can be substantial. This hop flavour and bitterness often linger into the finish.

The Wolf ale will be exclusively available at the Jakkalsvlei tasting room and visitors are requested to make a booking beforehand if they would like to visit the restaurant. For those however, who want to make use of the tasting room’s lush lawn, there is now also an extra kitchen that will be serving pizzas to this outdoor section (no booking required).

For more information about Jakkalsvlei, visit their website www.jakkalsvlei.co.za.  For queries and bookings call 028 735 2061 or email info@jakkalsvlei.co.za.  Make sure to follow them on Facebook to keep up to date on the latest news and developments on the farm.

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