Council, management sign Integrity Pledge

Marie Ferreira

The Councillors and executive management of theMosselBayMunicipalityat the monthly Council meeting on Thursday, 28 July 2011, again unanimously pledged their commitment to the clean and ethical governance and management of the Municipality by jointly signing an integrity pledge. 

In October 2009, MosselBaybecame, as far as could be ascertained, the first Municipality in theWestern Capeto sign such a pledge. 

This action was repeated in July 2011 when 26 of the 27 Councillors, the Municipal Manager and five heads of directorates signed the pledge. 

One of the DA Councillors, Alderman Nicky Lodewyks, was overseas at the time and could not sign the pledge. 

The Council approved the Municipality’s Policy for the Prevention of Fraud and Corruption at the same meeting. 

“By having signed this pledge, the Councillors and the management of theMosselBayMunicipalityagain acknowledged that we regard ourselves as one hundred per cent accountable to the community. 

“It is the money and assets of the community with which we are working and we regard it as our duty in the first place to be at the service of our community and to ensure that our town is managed with integrity. 

“The premise of our policy for the prevention of fraud and corruption is one of zero tolerance.  

“It includes all fraud, corruption, theft, maladministration, and/or any other dishonest practices. It is essential that the community must be able to trust Councillors as well as officials. We will do everything in our power to ensure this,” said the Executive Mayor, Alderlady Marie Ferreira.

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