PetroSA welcomes strike suspension by Solidarity

PetroSA says it welcomes the decision by trade union Solidarity to suspend its strike in the petroleum sector. This is after employers made a revised wage offer of between 8-10% to workers. 

Solidarity is the smallest of three unions involved in the fuel workers strike, after Ceppwawu and Giwusa. Solidarity union members at PetroSA and Sasol’s Secunda depot are expected to return to work tomorrow. 

PetroSA spokesperson Kaizer Nyatsumba says, “Obviously we, as I’m certain will be the case with other petro-chemical companies, are delighted by this development and we welcome it. So, we will be watching developments very closely but certainly that’s what we will be hoping for.” 

Solidarity’s Dirk Hermann earlier on Wednesday said there were two issues that led to the suspension of their strike action. “In the first place definitely the reversed offer; what also drove this decision to suspend the strike action is the fact that we considered the disruption of the public and South Africa, and we have realised we must also show South Africa that trade unions can also act responsibly.” He added that they will give feedback to their members next week Tuesday.

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