PetroSA accused of intimidating striking workers

Striking Ceppwawu members at PetroSA’sMosselBayrefinery in theSouthern Capehave accused the employer of intimidating workers. They allege that workers have been forced to sign forms signaling their intention not to go back on strike. The workers are currently on a second week of a wage strike. The employers have revised their 7% offer to 8% while workers have gone down to 10% from a 13% demand. 

Ceppwawu spokesperson, Zolani Tyatya explains: “There are issues that we are dealing with here, where the employer has issued an agreement saying that if you come back to work you will not be joining the strike again later on and we are still dealing with that issue, our view is that this is intimidation.” 

Spokesperson for PetroSA, Kaizer Nyatsumba denies the allegations. 

“There is absolutely no intimidation taking place, we have had since late last week some colleagues who were previously on strike deciding voluntarily to return to work and upon their return to work  were required to sign a paper confirming their decision. This is an industry practice it is a request for the purposes of administration to fill in the form confirming that they are now officially back at work.”

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