Mossel Bay to join global marine research effort

The Business Day newspaper reports that scientist at the SA Institute of Aquatic Biodiversity (SAIAB) Paul Cowley said the launch next month of the local arm of the Ocean Tracking Network (OTN) would help make this happen. 

The OTN is a Canadian effort to help scientists learn more about how ocean conditions influence fish populations, and answer questions about climate change. 

One of the most important fish South African scientists would monitor was the sardine, a vital resource for commercial fishers and penguins. 

They hoped to learn more about the effect of environmental conditions such as sea temperature on the size of the sardine run. 

The SAIAB was expected to sign an agreement with the OTN this week for a five-year loan of high-tech Canadian equipment that would be deployed as “listening curtains” in Algoa Bay and Mossel Bay. 

The project would grow to include False Bay and other sites on the south east coast into KwaZulu-Natal, said Cowley.

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