Greater Knysna Business Chamber Travel Advisory

The Greater Knysna Business Chamber is aware of the many media reports and protest actions exposing serious municipal services delivery issues facing Knysna at this moment.

The Chamber would like to assure visitors that the town is nevertheless functioning and safe to visit. 

Local residents are familiar with the many tourist attractions in the Greater Knysna Municipal district, and the Chamber represents many of the interests of businesses and individuals in Knysna who do business in the region. 

“We encourage people, foreign and local, planning to visit Knysna, to do so. We are open for business and will make your stay an enjoyable one that will deliver lasting memories that will encourage you to return,” said chairperson of the newly elected executive, Jan van der Westhuizen.  

The members of the Chamber, like fellow South Africans across the country, display incredible strength under adversity. The town may have its problems, but the residents and business owners help each other in times of need.  

Knysna is not unique in experiencing service delivery problems, but individual citizens and businesses are and continue to be resourceful, while looking to civic organisations for leadership of community initiatives.

“While the Chamber executive is working with the municipality to find solutions for problems, we expect progress in resolving the issues with positive results. We will not stand by whilst there is suffering, and although building relationships with the municipality, we certainly cannot accept poor service delivery,” said Mr van der Westhuizen.

In spite of the challenges Knysna always strives to protect the safety of visitors and residents while providing beautiful accommodation, breathtaking sight-seeing opportunities, great adventure and leisure activities, cultural and wellness experiences, and exceptional culinary delights. 

The SAPS festive season report of December 23/January 2024 period demonstrated a lower crime rate, evidence in itself of the success of the anti-crime initiatives put in place by the various communities and resident’s associations in town.

The town will showcase its attractions at various upcoming events including the Knysna Speed Festival, South Africa’s premier domestic motorsport lifestyle, and the Knysna Oyster Festival, planning for which is well underway.

The Knysna Business Chamber is working closely with the municipality on many fronts through its Investment, Water Waste and Energy, Education and Skills. and Property Development Sub-committees, amongst others.  

Accommodation establishments usually have backup power systems in place and bottled water facilities abound around town, so no visitor will go thirsty.

A visit to Knysna is one you won’t regret, and we call on all of Knysna to join us in realising our visitors’ great experiences and in making the Knysna region the visitors’ vacation destination of choice.

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