Surfer rescued at Buffelsbaai

Jerome Simonis, NSRI Knysna station commander, said: At 11h44, Wednesday, 13th November, NSRI Knysna duty crew were activated to respond to Buffels Bay following reports from a bystander who had been alerted by a Good Samaritan surfer who ran up to him reporting a man on a surfboard to be in difficulty and being swept out to sea in rip currents.

The Good Samaritan surfer who requested the bystander to alert the NSRI said that he had initially attempted to paddle after the casualty surfer who was in difficulty to try to help him but the casualty surfer who was in trouble was being swept well out into the Bay and the Good Samaritan surfer opted to rather paddle back to shore to raise the alarm.

Our sea rescue craft Jaytee 4 was launched and our NSRI sea rescue vehicle, the SA Police Services Dive Unit, WC Government Health EMS and Knysna Fire and Rescue Services responded to Buffels Bay.

On arrival on the scene our NSRI sea rescue craft located the surfer well out to sea and he was rescued onto the sea rescue craft and brought to shore at the Buffels Bay slip-way where EMS paramedics medically checked the casualty surfer, a 29 year old man from the United Kingdom (formally from Johannesburg and now living in the United Kingdom) and he was fine and he required no medical attention.

NSRI commend the Good Samaritan surfer for his efforts.

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