CBD water network being upgraded

The municipality recently commenced with the replacement and rehabilitation of the existing water network within the CBD.

Old pipes are being replaced with UPVC pipes which are more tolerant to the soil condition. This work will address pressure management issues and reduce the number of pipe breaks in town. The first phase of the project is expected to be completed by the end of May.

The following streets will be affected by road side excavations: Cove, Clyde, Green, Tide, Market, Union and Market Square. Notices have been issued to the affected residents.

Technical Services Chairperson, Councillor Levael Davis thanked the affected residents for their patience and understanding. “Community members have been very cooperative and we are grateful for this. Currently the Contractor is busy with phase 1 of the project and at this stage, there will be no water interruptions in the area. When they commence with the next phase, water interruptions can be expected. This will be communicated with residents in due course.”

“We assure residents that the Contractor will repair the road and ensure that it is in good condition once the project is completed.”

The municipality developed a Strategy to manage the town’s water supply and demand situation to ensure sustainability in the long term.  Davis explained that the first aspect of the water strategy was to improve the raw water supply.

“The municipality has recently completed the first phase of the Charlesford Scheme, which has almost doubled the pumping capacity out of the Knysna River. The results have been immediately apparent with the main storage dam currently at 90% of capacity giving Greater Knysna far better security of water supply than at any time in history.”

“The next phase of the Charlesford scheme is currently underway and will further improve the water security to cater for changes in weather and rainfall patterns. The total investment into the scheme will be in excess of R65 million when it is completed.”

“Knysna has been plague with water pipe breaks and the main reason for these pipe breaks can be attributed to aging infrastructure. The upgrade of the water network in the CBD is another important component of this Strategy to address our water infrastructure”, Davis concluded.

Should residents experience any water problems during this time, please contact the Water Department on 044 302 6331. Level 1 water restrictions currently apply. Report water abuse via WhatsApp 060 998 7000

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