Yacht assisted – Knysna

Jerome Simonis, NSRI Knysna station commander, said: At 11h30, Saturday, 26th January, NSRI Station 12 Knysna duty crew were activated following a request for assistance from an NSRI crewman skippering his yacht that was taking water near to the Knysna Heads.

While entering Knysna Heads from a morning cruise with 5 crew, 4 males and a female, and while raising the mainsail a gust of wind caught the sail and pushed the yacht bow onto Monkey Point where the yacht was holed and taking water fast.

The skipper managed to manoeuvre the yacht onto Pansy Shell Bank and although still taking water the yacht was saved from sinking.

The NSRI sea rescue craft Eileen Meadway, Jaytee IV and Jolen were activated, carrying 3 NSRI water pumps and a 4th water pump, from Knysna Fire and Rescue Services, that they had delivered at our urgent request, was also taken along.

On arrival on the scene water pumps were used to pump water from the yacht which was fully water laden and Knysna Yacht Club members responded on a private tender boat and assisted.

Plywood and glue sealer were used to patch 2 holes in the hull and water pumped out for 3 hours and once the water was pumped out of the yacht, and temporary seals were holding fast, we were able to pull the yacht free from Pansy Shell Bank and we towed the yacht to her mooring where further repair efforts will continue.

No one was injured.

Knysna Yacht Club members are commended for their assistance and the Knysna Fire and Rescue Services are commended for their speedy delivery of the extra water pump.

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