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  • Nike and UK designer Martine Rose promote unsung heroes of women’s football July 6, 2022
    Ad campaign for trainers at start of Euro 2022 highlights women who overcame challengesIt’s taken long enough for women football players to reach the kind of prominence that their male counterparts have enjoyed for decades, but according to the cult London-based menswear designer Martine Rose, there is much more work to do. This week sees […]
  • Families sue TikTok after girls died while trying ‘blackout challenge’ July 6, 2022
    Parents blame platform’s algorithms for choking deaths of eight- and nine-year-oldThe families of two young girls who allegedly died as a result of a viral TikTok challenge have sued the social media platform, claiming its “dangerous” algorithms are to blame for their children’s deaths.Parents of two girls who died in a 2021 “blackout challenge” on […]
  • ‘Johnson on the brink’: what the papers said about Boris Johnson’s cabinet resignations July 6, 2022
    The front pages are almost unanimous in declaring that the prime minister’s time in No 10 could be up soonPolitics latest – liveAfter limping along in the wake of the Partygate investigation, multiple sex scandals and successive policy failures, Boris Johnson is approaching the endgame of his time in Downing Street, according to the papers.“On […]
  • Daphne Caruana Galizia: suspect confesses to killing Maltese journalist July 5, 2022
    George Degiorgio says he would have asked for bigger payment for murder had he known more about victimOne of the men accused of detonating the car bomb that killed the anti-corruption journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia has confessed to the crime and said he would have asked for a bigger fee for the murder had he […]
  • Mona Hammond obituary July 5, 2022
    Trailblazer for black actors in Britain best known for her roles in EastEnders and Desmond’sMona Hammond, who has died aged 91, was a trailblazer for black actors in Britain who co-founded the Talawa theatre group before finding television stardom in EastEnders as Blossom, matriarch of the Jackson clan.Her EastEnders character moved in with her grandson, […]
  • How Netflix’s The Upshaws shows that the family sitcom is still thriving July 5, 2022
    The second season of the underrated multi-cam comedy continues to keep the spirit of Norman Lear alive with deft interweaving of real drama in a glossy formatThe second season of The Upshaws picks up where the previous season left off – with a small girl dropping in on the family claiming to be a long-lost […]
  • Marcus Rashford Book Club to give away 50,000 books this summer July 5, 2022
    Initiative led by the footballer will distribute copies of his own children’s adventure book to young readers with little access to readingFootballer Marcus Rashford’s debut children’s book will be given to 50,000 children this summer as part of an initiative by his book club.The Marcus Rashford Book Club, which is run in partnership with Macmillan […]
  • ‘Times have changed’: how attitudes to black hairstyles are evolving July 5, 2022
    Newsreader Lukwesa Burak says views in broadcasting have changed but racism towards black hairstyles still persistsWhen the news presenter Lukwesa Burak first started working at the BBC, she was told that her afro-textured hair was “too ethnic”.Ten years later, a photograph of the black British broadcaster wearing sweeping braids as she presented the news went […]