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  • Lionel Barber to step down as Financial Times editor November 12, 2019
    Deputy editor Roula Khalaf to take over role early next yearThe editor of the Financial Times, Lionel Barber, is to step down early next year, he has announced.Roula Khalaf, the deputy editor, will take over, Reuters reported. Continue reading...
  • The BBC’s battle with Samira Ahmed only exposes its own weakness | Stefan Stern November 12, 2019
    Watching the broadcaster belittle its staff and undermine its own work in my friend’s tribunal has been a startling spectacleOne of the BBC’s stated core values as outlined in its mission is, “Great things happen when we work together.” In fact, it’s central to its mission and purpose as a public broadcaster.It should follow then, […]
  • Instagram influencer used secret account to hit back at her critics November 11, 2019
    Clemmie Hooper, who is behind Mother of Daughters, says she wanted to change people’s views after reading comments about her familyThe often relentless positivity of the world of social media influencers has turned toxic after Clemmie Hooper, the blogger behind the Mother of Daughters Instagram account, which has 660,000 followers, admitted to a secret life […]
  • 'We know we're more than a TV show': how Sesame Street made it to 50 November 11, 2019
    In 1969, it changed the rules for children’s television and in the years since, it’s continued to innovate and provide groundbreaking inclusivityOn a fall day, 50 years ago, PBS began airing Sesame Street, a show inspired by a question: what if the visual flash and frenetic pace of TV were used to teach kids about […]
  • Online politics needs to be cleaned up – but not just by Facebook and Twitter | Lisa-Maria Neudert and Phil Howard November 11, 2019
    Social media platforms do have a role to play, but real change requires political parties to take responsibility• Lisa-Maria Neudert and Phil Howard are on the Oxford Technology and Elections CommissionSocial media platforms wanting to help curb political disinformation on their sites are offering new ways to avoid it online. Twitter has discontinued all political […]
  • Junior Bake Off: the kids spinoff that’s the perfect antidote to baking brutality November 11, 2019
    A world away from the increasingly competitive adult series, the children’s Bake Off is more smiles than tears, with bakes you’ll actually want to eat, and added laughs from Harry Hill“It’s inspired by the melting ice caps,” Bakr explains to Harry Hill, showing off a blue velvet cake to represent geography, and more specifically an […]
  • How Frankie Boyle’s departure turned Mock the Week into a corporate conference November 11, 2019
    After 14 years, and following the departure of some key players, the show has all the satirical bite of a gummy turtle hatchlingFourteen interminable, increasingly lol-lite years. That is how long Mock the Week has been serving up tepid topical gags to an indifferent viewership who nowadays get their news-based laughs elsewhere. Frequently, let’s face […]
  • Journalists in the Westminster bubble should stop racing to tweet the news | Roy Greenslade November 10, 2019
    Breaking stories on social media is the new form of scoop journalism and is just as worthlessVeteran journalists working in the pre-digital era were often required to phone in their stories to copy-takers who, after a couple of paragraphs, would often ask: “Is there much more of this?”The public could be forgiven for thinking and […]