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  • Here’s why local journalism must find a way to survive | Roy Greenslade September 15, 2019
    A paper that uncovered historic abuse shows the value of regional reportingThis is a story about a story. It is much more than that, however, because it is about the value of local journalism. Despite the slow death of newsprint and the hollowing-out of newsrooms across Britain and Ireland, it also illustrates why we must […]
  • Guardian joins major global news collaboration Covering Climate Now September 15, 2019
    The Guardian joins the Nation and Columbia Journalism Review in launching a new partnership among more than 250 news organizations to improve coverage of the climate crisisHundreds of newsrooms around the world are banding together this week to commit their pages and air time to what may be the most consequential story of our time: […]
  • Farewell, Robert Frank, a true American revolutionary | Kenan Malik September 15, 2019
    His once-derided images broke all the conventions of 1950s photography, but they still resonate today‘A wart-covered picture of America by a joyless man,” wrote the photographer and critic Minor White. “A sad poem by a very sick person,” snorted Popular Photography.The object of their scorn was The Americans, a collection of images of American life […]
  • Jailed Turkish writer Ahmet Altan: My words cannot be imprisoned September 15, 2019
    Newly nominated for a Baillie Gifford literary prize, the political prisoner has written a novel from behind bars“You can imprison me but you cannot keep me here,” writes Ahmet Altan at the end of his acclaimed book I Will Never See the World Again. “Because, like all writers, I have magic. I can pass through […]
  • Fiona Bruce on 40 years of Question Time: 'it's where the reality confronts the rhetoric' September 15, 2019
    The BBC panel show now causes as much debate as it hosts, accused of bias by all sides. Presenter Fiona Bruce still has hope for the futureQuestion Time turns 40 at the end of this month. The BBC institution is not immune to that birthday’s particular mix of crisis and denial. While the programme’s 25th […]
  • Tory Brexit advert ‘could breach privacy’ September 15, 2019
    Online campaign gathering information on voters may be illegal, claims data protection expertThe Conservatives are at risk of breaking data laws by gathering information about pro-Brexit voters through an online campaign, it has emerged.A Tory party webpage calling on voters to “Back Brexit” is cause for concern, according to legal advice from a leading data […]
  • Lifestyle website for Muslim teens is covertly funded by the Home Office September 15, 2019
    Two SuperSisters employees resign after discovering links to counter-extremism strategyA Muslim online lifestyle platform targeting British teenagers is covertly funded by the Home Office’s counter-extremism programme, the Observer has learned.The revelation about funding of the project has led to a row between its owners, a former Muslim employee and its Muslim audience. Continue reading...
  • Rows, bloopers and scoops: John Humphrys’ 32 years at Today September 14, 2019
    The veteran presenter, feared and respected by all sides, is hanging up his mic. We look at his career highs and lowsFor good or ill, after 32 years serving on the frontline of radio news presentation for the Today programme, John Humphrys has become an emblem of BBC journalism. One of the corporation’s journalistic attack […]