Submit a Listing

George businesses are welcome to submit their Business Listings on The Gremlin.

You will need the following information:

  1. Business Name
  2. Short Business Description [optional]
  3. Long Business Description [optional]
  4. Web Site Address [optional]
  5. Telephone Number [optional]
  6. Fax Number [optional]
  7. E Mail address [optional]
  8. One image [max size 1200×1200 pixels] [optional]
  9. Business Category [Accommodation, Construction, Dining Out, Leisure, Medical, Service Providers (Companies who sell their time eg. Accountants) and Traders (Companies who sell products eg. Butchery).
  10. Business Tag [This is similar to a sub-category – you are welcome to create your own.


  1. Navigate to the Submit a Listing page.
  2. You will first have to register.
  3. Click the ‘Not yet registered’ link.
  4. Register by entering your preferred username and e mail address.
  5. You will receive an e mail with your password.  Please store these in a safe place.
  6. Log in using these details.  Check the ‘Remember Me’ box.  You may have to click the ‘Remember Password’ link as well to successfully save your login details.
  7. Enter your business details as listed above.
  8. Submit the form.

I will then review and publish your listing.  Listings are valid for the period of 1 year.  You will receive a notice at the end of that period giving you the option to renew.  You may log in at any time to edit your details.  Sticky listings will be offered to clients hosting their domains with South Cape Net.

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