George Municipality Officers Complete Peace Officer and Warden Training

The George Municipality’s Land Invasion and Law Enforcement officers have successfully completed a Peace Officer and Warden Training course that was held from 3 to 29 June 2024. All participants were found competent.

Front row from left:
 Adam Roelfse (Officer), Daniellia Laws (Officer), Sgt. T van Schalkwyk (Training facilitator), Verona Botha (Officer) and Xoliswa Zokoza (Officer).
Middle Row from left:
Curtley Joseph (Officer), Ashely Joseph (Officer), Andre Baartman (Officer), Jan Adams (Officer), Africa Mpembe (Officer), Adrian Jansen (Officer) Fadiel Luiters (Officer), and Roland Hardnick (Inspector).
Back Row from left:
Wyatte Crowley (Officer), Nathan Jonas (Officer), Charwin van Wyk (Officer), Heinrico Standers (Officer) and Juandre Prins (Officer).

This course was presented by the City of Cape Town’s Metro Police Services Training & Development Programme to seventeen (17) Community Safety staff members, including land invasion and law enforcement officers.

According to Lee-Ann Meiring, the Senior Manager for Community Safety in the George Municipality, this training will allow the Municipality to appoint more Peace Officers with the authority to enforce by-laws. “The training is certified and covers three main areas: Professional Conduct, Peace Officer & Warden Training, and Point Duty. At the end of the course, the trainees will be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the role and functions of a peace officer and traffic warden,” said Meiring. 

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