Unisa and George Library Strengthen Decade-Long Partnership

The University of South Africa (Unisa) has reaffirmed its valued partnership with George Library, emphasising the mutual benefits and continued collaboration between the two institutions. Through a letter of appreciation, Unisa highlighted the enduring relationship that has existed since 2011, recognising the importance of their shared goals in advancing information literacy and student support.

Ms Rachel Williams, Manager: George Libraries, said this partnership, respected and cherished by both parties, aims to empower students to become independent and confident information seekers. By leveraging diverse information formats, including printed materials and e-resources, the collaboration enhances students’ ability to navigate and utilise information effectively.

“George Library offers essential resources through the ICT Project, which provides internet access and search tools for bona fide researchers, including Unisa students. This enables students to access Unisa’s online catalogue, retrieve e-journals and e-books, and explore a comprehensive list of databases,” Williams said.

She said the experienced staff at George Library play a crucial role in guiding information search patterns. The partnership, formalised through a Memorandum of Understanding, further refines their skills with support from Unisa Library. Additionally, Wi-Fi facilities are available for students who prefer using their own technological devices.

The conducive atmosphere of George Library fosters a lifelong appreciation for information organisation, retrieval, and utilisation. By meeting the needs of students, the library assures them of the support essential for their academic success. This, in turn, motivates students to focus on their studies and pursue their qualifications with determination.

Distributing promotional and informational materials benefits both institutions by increasing awareness of their services and activities. This initiative ensures that the community remains informed and engaged, paving the way for a continuously informed society.

The partnership demonstrates that distance students can access library services equivalent to those available to campus-based students, regardless of their geographical location. It highlights a proactive approach to providing equitable library services, addressing the needs of a dynamic and growing community of information seekers.

In the digital age, e-resources are essential for students, offering:

  • Speedy access to the latest information
  • Integration of multimedia elements
  • Advanced searching tools and classification systems

Williams said these resources contribute to the retrieval of accurate, scientific, and valuable research outputs. Libraries significantly impact academic achievement, lifelong learning, and prepare individuals for productive employment, fostering responsible citizenship.

This strengthened partnership between Unisa and George Library continues to support and enhance the academic journey of all students, ensuring they have the resources and guidance needed for success.

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