Community Outreach: Winter Soup Drive Kicks Off to Aid Homeless Population

George Municipality Community Development Department with the assistance of Stop Trafficking and SAHARA (Smoking & Alcohol Harms Alleviation & Rehabilitation Association) held a much-needed Winter Soup Drive, a vital community initiative aimed at supporting the homeless population during the harsh winter months. The drive, organised annually by George Municipality, local volunteers and supported by various community organisations, distributed hot soup last week and will going forward, once a week have a soup drive, starting each evening at 19h00 at different locations to reach the homeless community.

Zelda Barnard from Stop Trafficking, Estelle  Fredericks and Willbedine Jordaan (in reflector jacket) from George Community Development department during the Winter Soup Drive.

The timing of the distribution is strategic. According to Estelle Fredericks, Auxiliary Social worker at George Municipality, they choose 19h00 to ensure that the soup reaches those who truly need it. “There are many individuals who loiter in town during the day but return home after the shops close. Our focus is solely on the homeless population.”

Brian Faul from SAHARA SOUTH AFRICA (Smoking & Alcohol Harms Alleviation & Rehabilitation Association) in George during the soup drive with some volunteers and some of the beneficiaries.

In addition to providing nourishment, the soup drive will also serve as an opportunity to survey the homeless community. Volunteers will identify new individuals and minors on the Streets, referring them to relevant stakeholders for further support. This holistic approach aims to address the broader social issues contributing to homelessness.

“Homelessness requires a joint effort from all service providers,” emphasized the coordinator. “We are committed to working together to find sustainable solutions and offer comprehensive support to those in need. The Winter Soup Drive exemplifies the power of community and the impact of collective action. By coming together, volunteers and organizations are making a tangible difference in the lives of the homeless population, offering not just a meal, but hope and support for a better future.”

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