Pacaltsdorp Library Establishes Mini-Library for the Blind

Pacaltsdorp Library, one of four libraries in the George Municipal precinct, is proud to announce the establishment of a Mini-Library for the Blind. Public libraries are mandated to provide inclusive services catering to all community needs, thereby improving the quality of life for all citizens. The Mini-Library for the Blind in Pacaltsdorp opens doors to knowledge and information for visually impaired residents, creating valuable learning opportunities.

Background of Mini-Libraries:

  • Joint Initiative: The project is a collaboration between the Department of Arts & Culture (DAC) and the South African Library for the Blind (SALB).
  • Pioneering Project: Initially launched in the Eastern Cape in 2010, the initiative has now been expanded to other provinces.
  • Primary Objective: To provide access to reading materials through assistive devices and necessary technology.
  • Bringing Services to the People: This initiative tangibly delivers library services, making public libraries more inclusive.
  • Opportunities for All: The project benefits all illiterate and visually impaired individuals by offering free services.
  • Positive Feedback: Communities benefiting from the project have expressed positive responses.

Advantages to Users:

  • Social Interaction: Opportunity to interact with other library members.
  • Access to Information and Technology: Users gain access to a variety of resources and technological tools.
  • Training: Users receive training on provided technologies.
  • Participation in Library Programs: Users can participate in book discussions, book clubs, and other library activities.
  • Enrichment of Lives: The initiative makes a significant, tangible impact on users’ lives.
  • Increased Reading Interest: Encourages a greater interest in reading.

“With the above-mentioned in mind, we would like to encourage visually and illiterate people to take full advantage of this service by indicating to us (Library Services) if any people meet these requirements (that is visually impaired or illiterate),” said the Manager for library services in George, Ms Rachel Williams. “They can sign up for this service (become library members) by registering at Pacaltsdorp Library). Please bring along your ID and proof of residence to sign up. All interested ones can visit the library during operational hours,” Williams added.

By participating, users will benefit from enhanced access to information and resources designed to enrich their lives and foster a love for reading. 

Contact Information:

  • Location: Pacaltsdorp Library
  • Contact Persons: Elton Snyders or Roby Parks on telephone numbers: 044 803 9340 or to email address:
  • Operational Hours: Monday to Thursday between 09:00 and 17:30 and on Fridays between 09:00 and 17:00.
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