George Municipality Bolsters Energy Resilience with Completion of 1MWp PV Plant

In a significant stride towards energy sustainability, George Municipality proudly announces the successful completion of its first 1MWp Photovoltaic (PV) plant, that feeds directly into the Municipal electricity network. This milestone marks a pivotal step in the municipality’s commitment to fortify energy resilience and diversify its energy sources, amidst the backdrop of South Africa’s pressing energy crisis.

MWp PV plant in the George Industrial area. Photo credit: VE Reticulation (Pty) Ltd

Endorsed by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) as a paramount solution to the nation’s energy challenges, the 1MWp PV plant stands as a testament to the Municipality’s sustainable objectives. Comprising approximately 1728 PV panels and 10 x 110kW inverters, the plant represents a total investment of R 24 843 090.36. Projections indicate that the plant will yield an impressive 1780 MWh per year, translating into tangible cost savings for George Municipality to R2.72 million.

By harnessing solar energy for WWTW PV plants, George Municipality aims to curtail its reliance on Eskom. This forward-thinking approach aligns with the municipality’s overarching goal of reducing electricity expenses and bolstering sustainability efforts.

Mayor Leon van Wyk says thank you to Jandre van Zyl from VE Reticulation for a job well done. To their left is Lukas van Eck from Lyners Consulting Engineers who also worked on the project and on the far right is Dr Michele Gratz, George Municipal Manager.

A recent advertisement for a 12 MWp PV tender signals the municipality’s steadfast dedication to expanding its photovoltaic infrastructure, laying the groundwork for a more resilient and sustainable energy landscape.

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