Planning, redesign and upgrade of Transportation Infrastructure relating to St. Mark’s Square

George Municipality has embarked on a process to redesign and upgrade the area known as St. Mark’s Square to facilitate the creation of a secure and accessible urban square and public parking area.

According to Delia Power, Deputy Director: Planning, the redesign is aimed at attracting active use, addressing safety and sustainability issues, enabling the transportation related function of the square and integrating the needs of the surrounding landowners and users of the area, where possible.

Power said a service provider has been appointed to manage the re-design and upgrading planning process that promise to reshape how residents interact and navigate this vibrant region. In addition to the transportation- and parking function of the project area, consideration will be given to possible commercial activities, such as food trucks/ deli’s/food kiosks and related seating for patrons, other initiatives such as night markets, infrastructure to support environmental management services, landscaping and greening. Also, enhancing security by implementing measures such as the installation of CCTV cameras, access control measures and improved lighting. Long term parking solutions, possible charging stations for electric vehicles, inclusion of alternative energy solutions to aid safe and active use of the site will also be considered.

George Municipality values the unique character and heritage of the area and envisage that the site will form part of a future Heritage Precinct. The consultant’s team includes landscape- and heritage specialists to propose ways to adapt and enhance the character of the site in relation to the general area with the view of integrating and complementing the surrounding investments.

The relevant municipal departments will be consulted to establish their requirements. Adjacent property owners and identified users have been duly advised about the process being undertaken and inputs have been invited to ensure the future design of the site addresses the local needs.  The final design and cost estimates for implementation of the proposals is anticipated to be finalised by January 2024, whereupon funding will be sourced toward the implementation.

Power said, the planning, redesign and upgrade of infrastructure in George represents a forward-looking commitment to improving the lives of its residents and visitors. Through community engagement and a holistic approach to infrastructure development, George Municipality aims to create a more prosperous, accessible and environmentally conscious future for all. This initiative underscores the Municipality’s dedication to support regeneration of our investment and trade centres, to instill investor confidence and enhancing the overall quality of life in the George region.

For more information in this regard please email Lynette Groenewald at or Michelle Lee at from the Directorate: Human Settlements, Planning and Development.

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