SPCA rescue reunited with grateful owners following car accident

The devoted work of the SPCA foot soldiers and the power of social media was once again highlighted by the heartwarming story of the reunion of the Muteyi family with their beloved cat, Kietie, who was tragically separated from them earlier this year.

The Muteyi family of George were driving back from work on the 30th of January when they were involved in a car accident just outside of Mossel Bay. The family survived the ordeal, but Kietie, who was travelling with them at the time, was flung from the vehicle and became separated from the family following the accident, leaving their hearts in tatters.

Fortunately, Kietie was spotted some weeks later, roaming one of the housing complexes opposite the SPCA Mossel Bay, by the SPCA’s Mary-Ann Chordnum. Mary-Ann had noticed the cat was in bad shape and brought her into the SPCA as a stray, where she received biliary treatment and made a complete recovery.

As per protocol, Kietie stayed on as a stray for a period of seven days, during which time her owners were free to claim her, but with the family still reeling and recovering from the accident, Kietie went unclaimed and thereafter entered the SPCA adoption process.

Nearly two months later, still heartbroken with the loss of their cat, but finally finding their feet again following the accident, the Muteyi family began browsing the Facebook pages of the local SPCA’s. Who should they see staring back at them from the adoption pages of the Mossel Bay SPCA, but the unmistakable green eyes of their lost, but far-from-forgotten Kietie.

Overcome with joy, Mrs. Muteyi hired a taxi from George to come and identify her cat and explain the tragic circumstances that had led to their separation. In consultation with the George SPCA, a property inspection was swiftly arranged and approved and Kietie has subsequently been returned to her delighted family, fully vaccinated, sterilized, and micro-chipped. Ginger, the Muteyi’s dog (pictured), was also sterilized at the same time, free of charge.

The SPCA is proud to be part of this happy family reunion and would like to say a heartfelt thank-you to the local community for all the help and support it receives that makes stories such as this possible. As part of its ongoing commitment to keeping the community’s animals happily homed and healthy, the SPCA is striving to increase its feet in the field with a team of new recruits who are as qualified and right for the job as they are passionate about this important cause.     

If you would like to volunteer your help or services to the SPCA, please get in touch on www.grspca.co.za

PHOTO CAPTION: The Muteyi family and their dog Ginger, happily reunited with their beloved cat, Kietie.

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