George MSDF 2019 Review & Amendment Process: invitation to participate

George is home to a wide range of businesses, individuals, families, organizations and groups. All must work together to protect the positive aspects of living in this unique, vibrant, ever-changing environment in an equitable way, whilst enabling positive, managed growth.

Land use- and services demands and impacts such as climate change, energy regulations, provincial policy documents, national development imperatives and legislation, to name a few aspects – all influence how development in George must be managed and supported.

The previously adopted George Municipal Spatial Development Framework, 2019 (GMSDF2019) illustrates the George Municipality’s approach to managing rural- and urban growth, in a way that is sustainable, resilient and equitable. The spatial vision and strategies and policies to achieve this is set out in a document with related plans.

The GMSDF2019 is a vital coordination instrument, used to guide development in the greater George and it directs public and private spending in a way that fosters integrated development and limits urban sprawl. The existing GMSDF2019 shows the urban development boundary, where business, housing, transportation routes, open space, community facilities, heritage-, natural- and agricultural areas, tourism facilities, industrial uses and various other components that shape the living environment in the Greater George area, are supported. The document and related plans focus on the nature and locality of development (the Greater George area, including Herolds Bay-, Haarlem, Wilderness, Hoekwil, Kleinkrantz, Uniondale, the rural hinterland and the George City area) to promote economic growth and job creation, to protect natural- and heritage resources and to place social-, economic-, recreation- and educational facilities and infrastructure, to the maximum benefit of the residents.

Various sets of legislation (Municipal Systems Act, 2000 (Act 32 of 2000), the Spatial Planning and Land Use Management, 2013 (Act 16 of 2013) and the George Land Use Management Bylaw, 2015) allow for the review and amendment of Municipal and Local Spatial Development Frameworks. As such, the George Municipality wishes to review and update/realign the GMSDF2019 to keep pace with the changing environment/context and to facilitate an enabling environment.

The public and all interested and affected parties are hereby invited to participate in the process of reviewing and updating the Municipal Spatial Development Framework. This process will be divided into two components: Firstly, the review of the existing GMSDF2019 and secondly the drafting of an amended GMSDF. You may submit your comments on the existing GMSDF2019 and such comments will then be considered in the GMSDF2019 review process and/or you may submit your name and clear contact details so that you may be included in a list of Interested and Affected Parties to partake in the review and amendment process.

All members of the public, groups, businesses and organizations are invited to comment on the existing GMSDF2019, which is available for view on the Municipal Website

Copies of the GMSDF2019 will also be available for view at the George Municipal offices, 71 York Street, George (fifth floor reception: Planning and Development Division, the Haarlem Municipal offices (Hope Street) and the Uniondale Municipal Office (Voortrekker Street), during weekdays between 9h00 and 13h00 from 30 August 2021 to 30 September 2021. When viewing the document at the municipal offices, strict COVID protocol must be adhered to including always wearing a mask, maintaining social distance and sanitizing.

As noted in formal announcements, a period of 30days, between 30 August 2021 and 30 September 2021, is set aside for submitting comments on the existing GMSDF2019, or registering as an Interested and Affected Parties. Registration/comments must show your Name, Surname, whether you represent a company/organization, and detailed contact details (including email address and/or Cell number). Comments and representations may be submitted to Keith Meyer at the following email address: , or delivered to the Planning and Development offices at George Municipal offices (fifth floor), to reach him by/on 30 September 2021.

Enquiries or requests for more information on the process may be directed to the Town Planning Department on Telephone: 044 801 9436 or via e-mail to the responsible Spatial Planner (Lynette Groenewald)  (

Comment received before/on 30 September 2021 will be included in the review process where specific change requirements and/or gaps in the GMSDF2019 will be identified. Further opportunity for public participation will be provided during the process to formally amend the GMSDF.

It is very important that all residents of George participate in creating a George that works for all. You know your area/work/situation/requirements/businesses/challenges better than anyone and if you have any comments which may contribute to create a better environment, please participate, and submit your comments and/or register.

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