George Mayor hands out wheelie bins to Touwsranten residents

Mayor Leon van Wyk handed over a portion of 620 wheelie bins to the value of R350 000 to residents of Touwsranten yesterday at the Touwsranten Community Hall.

At the handover of the wheelie bins in Touwsranten are in front beneficiaries who received wheelie bins and Councillors and official. From left, Lenie Draai, Ward Councillor for Ward 4, Cllr Marlene Barnardt, Dinah Fredericks, Rdl Sean Snyman, Portfolio Councillor for Community Services, Willem Meyer, Executive Mayor of George Ald Leon van Wyk, Florence Appels, Wessel Robertson, Manager: Cleansing at George Municipality and Reginald Figeland. At the back are more beneficiaries who received wheelie bins from the Municipality

Ald Van Wyk said the Community Services Directorate handed out the first 20 wheelie bins and will be handing out the rest of the bins in the upcoming days. Touwsranten was chosen to receive the bins since it’s a smaller community and there is only a limited amount of wheelie bins available. Van Wyk said they hope to rollout this initiative in future to the rest of George.

Jakobus Solomons “wheelie” his grandson, Adrian Solomons (2) home on his wheelie bin received from the George Municipality

Van Wyk appealed to the residents of Touwsranten to please look after their wheelie bins as it doesn’t come cheap. Residents had to sign for their bins and everyone have a unique number on their bins.

The Community Services Directorate already have a truck available that can do the tipping of the bins. “This is a more effective way of getting rid of refuse and it is more environmentally friendly since fewer bags should be in circulation,” Van Wyk said.

Residents must realise if they have a wheelie bin, they cannot have black bags as well, Cllr Sean Snyman, Portfolio Councillor for Community Services said.

“We are in process of phasing out black bags,” Snyman said. The idea is to recycle your waste by using the green and blue bags  and this immediately makes the waste less.


If you are not sure if you are recycling correctly, below is a guide to the basics.

Please put your recyclables in a blue bag and put out with your black bags.

Enquiries in relation to George municipal blue bags service: Interwaste 044 878 0688


Interwaste: 044 878 0688

Ma’bone Waste Management: 086 162 3672

Outeniqua Waste: 061 434 5814

PAPER THAT CAN BE RECYCLED: office paper, newspaper and magazines, cardboard (boxes flattened), brown paper bags, take away containers (food removed and rinsed), milk and juice cartons (rinsed and flattened) and books (hard covers removed).

PAPER THAT CANNOT BE RECYCLED: napkins, tissue paper, paper towels, wax paper, laminated or waxy paper, punch confetti, carbon paper and stickers.

METAL THAT CAN BE RECYCLED: cooldrink and beer cans, food tins (rinsed clean), metal lids of glass, jars, aluminium cans, rusty cans can be recycled and recycled batteries (taken to correct depot).

METAL THAT CANNOT BE RECYCLED: batteries, motor oil cans, paint and aerosol cans, and tinfoil.

GLASS THAT CAN BE RECYCLED: all colours of glass bottles and jars, beer and wine bottles (rinsed).

GLASS THAT CANNOT BE RECYCLED: mirrors and windows, ceramic, crystal, drinking glasses and light bulbs.

PLASTIC THAT CAN BE RECYCLED: all plastics numbers 1-7 (rinsed), grocery and retail plastic bags (clean) and milk sachets.

PLASTIC THAT CANNOT BE RECYCLED: cling wrap, and polystyrene (is recyclable but no facility on Garden Route for now).

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