Theft stopped in its tracks by big brother CCTV surveillance cameras and law enforcement officials

George Municipality is proud of our Law Enforcement team and the ‘big brother’ team that monitors our CCTV surveillance cameras that stopped thieves in their tracks at the Pacaltsdorp Sportsgrounds and recovered stolen goods this weekend.

Officials noted a theft in progress on the surveillance cameras at the Pacaltsdorp Sportsgrounds on Saturday, 19 September around 08h19, and alerted the Law Enforcement Unit. The officials from Law Enforcement arrived at the scene of the crime moments later and chased after the perpetrators.
They were not able to run away while carrying the iron framework and other stolen goods and resorted to dropping the items in a bid to escape. Law Enforcement personnel were able to retrieve the stolen goods and return the items to their rightful place.

The public can phone our all hours emergency number 044 801 6300 if you want to report vandalism or any other wrongdoing on George Municipality property.

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