NSRI assist stricken yacht

Garth Dominy, NSRI Wilderness station commander, said: At 15h49, Tuesday, 8 September, NSRI Wilderness duty crew were activated following reports from MRCC (Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre) of suspected debris and a suspected oil slick adrift 2.5 nautical miles off-shore East of the Gwaing River Mouth.

A light aircraft on approach into George International Airport reported what appeared to be the possible debris of a vessel and what appeared to be an oil slick and the pilot reported the sighting to ATC (Air Traffic Control) who alerted MRCC.

The sea rescue craft Spirit of Rotary 100 was launched and on arrival on the scene a search of the area commenced.

During a search only debris that appears to have been washed into the sea during recent storms was located.

A strong tide current creating a darker patch of water in the sea in that area may have given the pilot the impression of an oil slick.

NSRI commend the pilot for raising the alarm on the suspicion of what appeared from the air to be the possible vessel debris adrift.

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