George Library Services Women’s Day / Women’s Month Poetry

George Library Services is celebrating Women’s Month with the role and contribution of women in our society as a focal point and would like to encourage people of all walks of life to express their views, feelings, gratitude, and adoration for women in an insightful, inspiring and artistic way – by means of poetry.

Although our George Library Services remain closed to the public the Manager of George Library Services, Rachel Williams, and her team thought of an innovative way of still getting people to become involved with the library and still make a difference. Unfortunately,  events, readings, and other activities cannot take place at the libraries, until they are reopened to the public. She said, “women make a lot of sacrifices and display inner strength, compassion, and consideration as they take care of their families. In order to acknowledge their role in society and to encourage and support them to reach their full potential, we started this project.”

This is an artistic expression that is inviting communities to express their appreciation and high regard for women in society. It is therefore an act of kindness, not a competition. All poems received will be archived for Library Services’ use for example exhibitions, publications, and events. Two selected poems will be published each week for the month of August 2020. The selection panel’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. All other poems will be exhibited for a month at different Libraries after lockdown.

Please submit a poem, that will be published on the George Municipal Website for the month of August, to the following email address: 

Please take note, terms and conditions apply: All poems will be published as received. No editing of poems will be done. No poetry with swear words or overtly political tones will be used. Poets are welcome to submit photos of themselves for use and or publication. Kindly note that any photo with people wearing political t-shirts or slogans that are used for promotional purposes can unfortunately not be used.

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